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            About Outlet

              "Aotelaisi" is the transliteration of the English word outlet, meaning "way out" literally. In modern retail business, it refers to the world popular shopping centers comprising discount shops of world famous brands. After nearly a hundred years' development, outlet has grown into a leading business model in today's retail business. It enables the vast majority of people enjoy international fashions by providing the shoppers with world top brands at the most favorable price .

            World-Renowned Brands
              All brands stationed in outlet are famous luxury brands that enjoy a good reputation in the world, but what outlet sells are special off-season products and new products of old styles. Some goods are products that are taken off the shelves in franchise shops or shopping malls, and some goods are hot products well chosen by brand manufacturers from off-season goods and specially manufactured for outlet. Compared with franchise shops and shopping malls in urban centers, the deep discount of 40%~90% in outlet attracts consumers. This advantage makes outlet a favorable choice by fashion groups worldwide and a pilgrimage site for consumers looking for fashionable commodities.
            Highly Competitive Prices
              Commodities sold in outlet are either off-seasons, overstocks, tail products or new special products solely made for outlet. Therefore, outlet can cut most expenses on product design, product promotion, and new arrival advertising. Outlet, operated in economical mode, is normally located in urban outskirt where land and construction cost is relatively low. With the addition of scale effect brought by sales, outlet has a great price advantage.
            Comfortable Shopping Environment
              Outlet is generally located in urban outskirt on the route of convenient traffic and rich tourist resources. Outlet has become the first choice for leisure shopping and vocation.
            Most outlets generously offer spacious shopping areas for their customers. Some outlets are also accompanied by shopping centers, hotels, and leisure and entertainment facilities with a blend of various architectural styles. Customers can have a pleasant shopping trip and appreciating the architectural styles of various countries at the same time.
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