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            Outlets in China

            Industry upgrade in the name of greatness

              A hundred years is not only a time concept, but a symbol of recognition and trust. Originated in the United States, outlet has been widely accepted by many consumers with its low price, brand experience and cozy shopping atmosphere. It is known as "discount shops for world famous brands", "factory store" and "direct sale square for brands" around the world. Now there are more than 500 outlets in the world, with nearly 300 in the U.S., 9 in Japan and near 100 in Europe.

              In the 30 years since its Reform and Opening Up, China experienced rapid economic growth. People's spending habits changed, brands awareness improved, consumers for famous brands increased. Now, China can fully meet the comprehensive requirements to developing outlets. But at present, there is no real outlet in China. Therefore it is a good opportunity for China to develop and build outlets. China is destined to become the leading outlets market in the world.

              Based on European and American outlet mode, taking into account of local characteristics, outlet (china) Limited created a business block--The Pallet, which features multi business models and functions by fully utilizing international resources. This injected vigor to the growth of the business in the Greater China region. It boosted the upgrade and development of the Chinese brands and pave the road to strengthen China using brands, and upgraded China's outlets from business to industry.

              outlet (china) Limited will invest, build and operate of 50 The Pallet which have genuinely international taste and Chinese characteristics as well. Annually, 500 to 600 million people will come for shopping, sightseeing, travel and vacation. The annual revenue is expected to reach hundreds of billions yuan. These outlets will generate large amount of taxes revenues, provide job opportunities, greatly improve the local service industry's development and boost the local economy.

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