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      Curtain to Be Unveiled for BalletTown Project in Wanning, Hainan at Year End

             Following the projects in Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangxi, foundation for another major milestone project of outlet (china) Limited will be laid at the end of the year.

            The foundation laying ceremony for the BalletTown Project in Wanning, Hainan will be held as scheduled on Dec. 30. Government leaders at all levels from Hainan Province and Wanning City, senior officers of outlet (china) including Chairman and CEO Lin Zhuo yan, Director Liu Xiaoguang, Tang Jun and other senior executives will attend the ceremony.

             Facing the South China Sea to the east, Wanning City borders Lingshui on the south and Boao on the north. Only 112 km south of Sanya City, Wanning enjoys prominent location advantages on the Hainan International Tourism Island. With favorable traffic conditions, strong radiation effects, it has great potential for development. According to plan, Wanning BalletTown Project will integrate outlet discount center for world brands, modern comprehensive business group, resort hotels, low carbon leisure and residential area, combining elements including shopping for famous brands, leisure, holiday, tourism, culture, conference, catering, entertainment, unique commerce, etc. After completion, the project will become the core of shopping on the international tourism island and tropical resort living area. It will serve as the engine driving Wanning’s economic and social development and its GDP growth booster, as well as a strong impetus to the local development of modern service industry.


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