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            Outlets Ballettown Strategic Plan

            Create Development Mode and Establish Outlet's Chinese Standard
              outlet (china) Limited puts forward a new outlet business mode based on European and American mode in accordance with China's actual conditions: that is to develop a new city center that focuses on world-renowned luxury-goods discount stores and equip itself with other businesses, high-end commerce, leisure, and high-quality living facilities. It creatively proposes "3+X" complex, a high-end commercial real estate operation mode to shape an economic industrial chain led by outlet famous brand discount stores, various businesses, commercial and residential facilities. The company strikes to build a new development road for China's outlet industry.

              Through its mode innovation, outlet (china) Limited creates "BalletTown" , a compound real estate product line led by outlet. "BalletTown" is integrated by leisure and shopping centers, world culture towns, and new downtowns. It brings the world fashion to China, improves Chinese people's life quality, and inputs new wealth motivation to Chinese cities. This continuing operation of high-value brand helps outlet (china) Limited win a permanent market advantage in Greater China.

              Backed by its international resource superiority, plus its innovated and upgraded operation mode, outlet (china) Limited plans to centralize modern business and service industry, create its advantageous brand, and establish a four-stage boosting development policy. By adhering to “innovation and upgrading of two industrial clusters, three-step investment via scientific development and four-stage boosting for its national layout”, outlet (china) Limited will become the navigator of the world outlet industry.

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