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              Hainan BalletTown is situated at the eastern core of the International Tourism Island—Wanning Hainan. As a coastal city at South China, Wanning faces the South China Sea on the east, neighbors Qiongzhong on the west, connects Lingshui on the south and borders Qionghai on the north. It is a historical city imbued with modern culture and vigorous energy. Its unparalleled resource advantages make it well-known in China and even in the world. According to the national strategy of "Constructing Hainan Province to be an International Tourism Island", Hainan will be developed into a top island resort and tourism destination for leisure and holiday with the goal of free trade.

              As an emerging integrated modern service operator, outlet (china) adopts the outlet business model prevailing in the Occident and combines globally popular outlet shopping centers, world-level leisure industry clusters and originally European urban lifestyle based on actual conditions of China. Moreover, it utilizes regional features to strengthen unique resource industries, realizes profound integration of multi-industries and builds up new urban centers with functions of shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering, residence and tourism. Based on the combination of this concept and the character of abundant tourism resources which Wanning boasts, this BalletTown Project will be an internationally tourism & culture zone combining shopping and tourism with splendid environment after completion. It is aimed at accentuating the concept of creating typical tourist products with typical resources, constructing the tourism brand of Wanning, promoting the image and influence of Wanning Tourist Resort, attracting domestic and overseas travel consumers, and effectively advancing the construction of Hainan "International Tourism Island".

              The ongoing Hainan BalletTown Project will facilitate the optimization of urban infrastructure, planning and construction, and its industry attraction will further enhance urban functions of Wanning, strengthening the regional industry competitiveness and aggregation capabilities of Wanning. Meanwhile, this project will have the edge in respect of international logistics and integrated trade, which will comprehensively drive the modern service industry of "Eastern Tourism & Economic Belt" of Hainan.

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