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              Liaoning BalletTown Project is located in Tieling, Liaoning which plays an important role in Ha'erbin-Dalian Economic Belt. It is an old industrial city in the Northeast China, shouldering the responsibilities for connecting economic channels of Jilin and Liaoning and linking the industrial corridor between Shenyang and Tieling. Tieling is characteristic of enhanced strength, substantial industry stocks as well as ample water and power resources. Furthermore, as it belongs to the central urban agglomerations of Liaoning which are the center of Southeast Asia, Tieling guards the arteries of Jilin and Heilongjiang to the sea. After endeavors for years, Tieling has been "a city on the wetland" and a modern ecological & garden city represented by harmonious landscape of river, lake and hills. It has won the title of "National Garden City" and plays a crucial role in the national strategy of reviving the northeast.

              According to the project construction plan, Liaoning BalletTown Project will rely on Outlets and integrate the scenery of Tieling with leisure resources to form commercial clusters linking the holiday and leisure consumption market of Shenyang economic circle. It is aimed to be the no. 1 destination for shopping, leisure and holiday in Northeast China.

              It is predicted that this BalletTown Project, in the purpose of constructing a regional center and a new urban center, will evoke tremendous agglomeration effects, propel the industrial development of Tieling and infuse the city with energetic vigor. A new and large Tieling will emerge as the northern water city best for residence, business, leisure and holiday.

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