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        Zhejiang BalletTown is lying in Taihu Tourism Resorts of Zhejiang Province( a 4A grade tourism area and the new lakeside zone given development priority by Huzhou governments), the core of Yantze River Delta Region and Around Taihu Lake Economic Circle.

        Its main roads are connected with the Shanghai-Suzhou-Zhejiang-Anhui Expressway and Hangzhou-Nibo Superhighway at the exit and it is only a 90-minute drive to Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc. There are four international airports nearby and is therefore called the "blessed land in a palm".

        Gathering world's top brands, Zhejiang BalletTown would become a platform for exhibiting both excellent brands in China and from the world.

        It will not only improve the living environment, develop a new city centre, boast the internalization of Huzhou, but also help form a strong business chain combining multiple business modes, promote the modernized service levels and accelerate business upgrading thanks to its business cluster effects.

        With the development of the city's economy, Zhejiang BalletTown will produce higher employment, bring more tax revenues and boast the economic development of Huzhou, thus becoming the strongest engine for the fast development of Huzhou.

        Far from the noisy city crowds, charmed by the most up-to-date fashion and touched with romance, Zhejiang BalletTown will manage to create a fashionable lifestyle of original flavor with its rich water scenery resources. Zhejiang BalletTown, is indeed a paradise for traveling, shopping and entertainment in Yangtze River Delta Region.

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