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        Jiangxi BalletTown Project is located in Gongqingcheng, Jiujiang, Jiangxi where Poyang Lake Ecological & Economic Zone is constructed at the south foot of Mount Lushan and the middle section of Nanchang-Jiujiang Industrial Corridor.

        Gongqingcheng, honored to "A Pearl by Poyang Lake, A Famous City along Beijing-Jiulong Railway", is the only one named with Gongqing (communist youth) in China, one of national ecological demonstration zones first approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection rarely in Jiangxi, one of provincial development zones and Taiwan investment zones first approved by the People's Government of Jiangxi, and one of key construction areas designated in the "12th Five-year Plan" of Jiangxi Province. Gongqingcheng is embraced by hills and surround by rivers. It boasts unique resource environment and a convenient and developed traffic system. Beijing-Jiulong Railway and Nanchang-Jiujiang Expressway pass through this city. Besides, it is neighboring to Nanchang Changbei International Airport and Jiujiang Airport at each side. For waterways, Poyang Lake extends and converges into Yangtze River.

        Jiangxi Gongqingcheng BalletTown Project to be constructed satisfies the economic transformation requirements stipulated in the national and provincial "12th Five-year" plans, representing a trend of green and fashion lifestyle in the 21st Century. It will be designed and operated by internationally famous organizations in respect of overally project planning, construction, gardening, facilities and marketing. This project highlights the combined concept of livable environment, fashion, leisure, green and health. Relying on the fashionable brand image of Outlets and resources of Poyang Lake, it is aimed to creating a livable resort community characterized by resources sharing, complete facilities, coordinated environment, attractive architecture and harmonious living. It will provide people with enjoyable life within the community.

        After the completion of Jiangxi "BalletTown" Project, a super-large modern service industrial zone, combined with functions of shopping, tourism, trading, leisure, meeting, holiday and residence, will be established. These business clusters will trigger strong industrial chains in diversified forms. It will create a number of job opportunities, increase tax revenues, further improve the urban competitiveness, promote the upgrading of industrial structure of Poyang Lake Ecological & Economic Zone and economic transformation, and advance the development of dozens of industries covering logistics, warehousing, export and import. It will be the highlight and economic growth point for Gongqingcheng to build up a fashionable city image in the future, enabling Gongqingcheng to be a new urban center and landmark in Jiangxi and even in the Central China. This project will improve the modern service industry in Jiangxi and give an impetus to the economic and social development of Jiangxi Province.

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