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              Located in the central areas of Pearl River Delta Region, Guangdong BalletTown enjoys beautiful sceneries and excellent environments and a sophisticated 3-dimentional transportation network. Being 35 miles from central Guangzhou, 180 miles from Macao, and 230 miles from Hongkong, this project is the city hinterland of Pearl River Delta Region.

              Guangdong BalletTown, run by a completely new business mode, will start world popular discount centers of outlets, a world-top entertainment business cluster, a high-quality, low-density residential community and a new city life of original European tastes. Meanwhile, according to the local characteristics, combining the surrounding golf courses, hot springs, ancient longevity villages and lotus flowers' world, etc, as well as some natural and humanistic sceneries, Guangdong BalletTown will establish a brand-new and complex city centre with various business modes co-existing at the same time.

              In the near future, Hongkong will no longer be the only fashionable merchandiser, into which fashion followers have to go through complicated entry and exit procedures. Why taking the trouble now? With one CD, they can have full access to the new fashionable towns of Guangdong BalletTown to enjoy life and reverence.

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