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              Lying in Changyang, Fangshan District of Beijing, and 20 miles to the centre of Beijing, and 120 miles to Tanggu Port of Tianjin, Beijing BalletTown enjoys great geographical advantages.

              It boasts many cultural relics and tourism resources: the 10,000 acre Westland Park, Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian, Lugou's Dawn Moon, Shidu Scenery District, etc. Its unique environmental features have achieved the marvelous resources advantages of BalletTown in Beijing.

              This project enjoys great geographical advantages, such as by being close to Beijing-HongKong-Macao Freeway (the original Beijing-Shijiazhuang Super-highway.) and the Rail Transit, Fangshan Line and with Beijing Finacial Street in only 30minutes' traveling via Beijing-HongKong-Macao Freeway,etc.

              Beijing BalletTown, based on discount outlets, synchronizing Fangshan business and traveling resources, and equipped with the high-quality residential, entertainment and catering businesses, has formed an integrated and internationalized life platform of new fashion and new life.

              Beijing BalletTown—a new city center led by outlets, would introduce a lifestyle synchronous with the world fashion, bring into China world's top fashions to entertain people with ethnic culture, to inject new wealth power and to put up a new life platform with world fashions in the city. A new fashionable internationalized city is rising.

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