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            outlets Investment Cooperation

              Business Cooperation Background: According to our strategic plan, outlet (china) Limited will invest and build fifty outlet projects in all metropolitans, most provincial capitals, important cities, and famous scenic spots across the country. At present, the spot selection of modern service industrial districts in the core layer of strategic plan has been completed and the company is committed to the spot selection of outlet modern service industrial parks, outlet world culture towns, and outlet tourist shopping villages nationwide.

              We expect earnest partners in China and overseas to join our outlet cause and work together with us in strategic investment, capital operation, project development and business promotion.

              We are offering you a wide cooperation range with multiple and flexible options.

              We earnestly hope to cooperate with government agencies and enterprises that are full of confidence and passions in emerging industries led by outlet. We expect to realize the integration of various advantageous resources, participate in, witness the prosperous development of Chinese outlet industry, and achieve a win-win situation.


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