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            Outlets Commercial Information

              outlet (china) Limited has large-scale BalletTown The Pallet projects all over China. Various business patterns, leisure residence, hotels will be included in our projects. The exploitation and construction of these projects need the participation and commercial cooperation of talents in various industries. Thus we are now inviting various brand merchants, agents and project suppliers to participate in the projects and develop together with our outlets business.

               BalletTown The Pallet is an integration of multiple commercial patterns. It focuses on the discount stores of world famous brands, forming a colorful shopping shrine with shopping center, dining, video games, cinemas and many other businesses, which is a paradise filled with eating, drinking and playing.

              By integrating domestic and foreign management techniques and business resources, outlet (china) Limited will establish a standard management system and franchise business for the BalletTown The Pallet with unified development strategy, planning, leasing, operation and information platform.

              outlet (china) Limited is setting up a stage for international commercial cooperations and inviting brand merchants and agents to play on it. As for the large-scale professional projects of The Pallet, we'll provide more flexible cooperation patterns, options, as well as more beneficial cooperation conditions.

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