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            Outlets Ballettown: From the World

            From the World

              The life inspiration for Outlet BalletTown was born in the USA. Initially outlet was only the factory direct sale shop selling products of offseason, off shelf or short of sizes. People pursued it due to its beneficial price and high quality commodities. It has gradually developed into a global business form. Now it cannot be simply summarized in "The sales area for the high-grade merchandise on discount ". Pure Outlet BalletTown is similar to a comfortable small town. It not only provides the high quality and inexpensive brand commodities, but also presents various ways for relaxing, including the restaurants and cuisine, tour and vacation. At present, there are 500 outlets the whole world: about 300 outlets in America, nearly 100 in Europe and 9 in Japan. The development of outlets in China is in the booming period.

            New York Woodbury Outlets、Paris La Vallee Village 、London Bicester outlet village 、Milan Fidenza Chic Outlet、Shizuoka-ken Premium Outlets are the well-known five big outlets towns in the world.

            Woodbury Outlets in New York, with American country style, gathers in nearly all the top brands of current market, and has the only Chanel factory outlet in the world.

            In the " Fashion Capital " Paris, people who following the fashions are more keen to outlets . Located at Paris suburb, La Vallee llage, continues Paris romantic and artistic temperament. All of its buildings are garden villas. The streets are covered with the plain flagstone, and are embellished with the modern or classical artistic sculptures.

            1.Convenient traffic, it is within one hour drive from downtown;
            2.There are rich resources for travel, vacation and humanity and cultural heritages around;
            3.Many international first line brands, inexpensive price, comfortable shopping environment;
            4.Outlet shopping village with complex function has become the international fashionable center.

            We make not only the Outlets BalletTown shopping villages, but also the large-scale urban new centers led by the outlets. outlet (china) Limited proposed a brand-new outlet business model, which took the European and American pattern as its foundation by combining the Chinese national condition with the popular global Outlets shopping , the world-class leisure commercial colony and the original European living new city. Meanwhile, the unique resources industry including the golf, the yacht holidays, hot spring SPA would be developed according to the local characteristics, and finally formed the " 3+X " compound function pattern, successfully explaining the new life, and new value in a brand-new center. It opened new development path for Outlets entering China, therefore obtained the powerful vitality, at the same time it brought the world fashion into China (Beijing, Huzhou, Foshan ......).