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      Outlets BalletTown in China

      BalletTown in China

      outlet (china) is discussing with the local authority about the matter of the outlets investment in the Xi'an;   outlet (china) is discussing with Tai'an Government of Shandong Province about the matter of investing and setting up outlets in Tai'an.

        BalletTown,An international dynamic shopping paradise, an elegant and romantic dating place, a soul nourishing resort, an international new center of the cities!
        BalletTown,the global fashion stage for a new life!
        Outlet(China)will open a new era of international fashion lifestyle.

        BalletTown entered China officially. It first appeared in Foshan, Guangdong province, Huzhou in Zhejiang province and Fangshan at Beijing. In the future, this kind of synchronized international fashion new city centers will be unceasingly duplicated national wide. It will change Chinese life style, and bring more international fashion life into the cities.

      Center of world famous discount outlets, high-quality housing, a variety of entertainment facilities, high-class villas... ... Foshan BalletTown creates a new city center in the Pearl River...

      Wanning BalletTown is situated at the eastern core of the International Tourism Island—Wanning Hainan. As a coastal city at South China, Wanning faces the South China Sea on the east...

      Center of world famous discount outlets, five-star hotels, high-end villas, Wetland Park ... ... Huzhou BalletTown located in Taihu Lake resort strives to build a tourism, shopping and leisure...

      Jiangxi BalletTown Project is located in Gongqingcheng, Jiujiang, Jiangxi where Poyang Lake Ecological & Economic Zone is constructed at the south foot of Mount Lushan and the middle section...

      Beijing BalletTown, a new city center for international fashion featuring the combination of world famous brand outlets, high-quality residential communities, entertainment and sports center.

      Tieling BalletTown Project is located in Tieling, Liaoning which plays an important role in Ha'erbin-Dalian Economic Belt. It is an old industrial city in the Northeast China, shouldering the responsibilities...