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      Outlets Ballettown Brand's Story

      Brand's Story

      Ballet:It is a world popular and forever lasting classic fashion symbol, representing the world consumer.

      Rain:Source of vitality, to moisturize everything on the earth. It is nutrient and wealth. It is even a mood full of poetry.

      BalletTown:Means to moisture the cities and life by world fashion , to bring the global synchronization fashion lifestyle to the cities. It turns the cities into the stages of world fashion new life.

      BalletTown:It advocates a ballet-like future urban lifestyle. Beautiful, elegant ballet makes the life eternal, romantic in the in the lasting charms. Nurturing drizzle fills the life with poetic and artistic imagination;

      BalletTown brand story - freely choose one's own pace of life, in BalletTown, people can be completely free to their own pace of life and fields according to their taste. People can always be satisfied no matter whether they like to sit down for a coffee or to enjoy an exclusive gentleman's game in the international GOLF forest park.

      BalletTow presents a high quality, relaxing and romantic life style and attitudes.

      BalletTown- a new main field for the future life, will be a pure international "New City Center".

      outlet (china) Limited, jointly cooperated with the top level international resources from the UK and France, introduced rich life content. We build " BalletTowns", new city centers powered by outlets . It provides people with a unprecedented international level life style.

        In our outlets, you can buy the international famous brands from all over the world, you can experience the comfortable high quality living in the authentic European architecture and enjoy world's cuisine and entertainment in the leisure facilities. When the world's good things are all gathered in one place, this is what we can enjoy for a new life. Life has a new trail showing the beautiful rhythm like a graceful ballet, which makes people fascinated.