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            Outlets Ballettown Brand Idea, Social contributions from BalletTown

            Social contributions from BalletTown

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            Social contributions from BalletTown: With strong industry and commercial clustering effect, BalletTown brings a strong and lasting impetus in promoting urban development, industrial upgrading, promoting employment, increase tax revenue and so on, and becomes a accelerator for promoting regional rapid economic development and GDP growth, and thus to promote the process of internationalization in the whole city and the region.

            Economic engine + Industrial power
            Brand power--A mix of world brand essence, to explore and promote the internationalization of Chinese brands.

            Powerful Brand Nation--To gather the global brand essence, explorate the way for a powerful brand nation, promote the internationalization of the Chinese brands.

            Urban Development--To improve the living environment, form a new city center, break the urban-rural dual structure, and promote China's urbanization.

            Industrial upgrading--Integrate complex dimensional industries as an organic whole, to promote modern service industry standard, to promote industrial upgrading.

            Economy promotion--To bring strong and the lasting propelling force in promoting the urban construction, the industrial upgrading, the employment, the tax revenue and the employment and so on, to become the engine of regional economies fast development and the accelerator of regional GDP growth.