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      outlet (china) Limited formed a strategic alliance with two largest outlet management and investment operators in Europe: British Freeport Retail Limited and French world name brand discount company-- Societe de Cooperation Commerciale et d'Ingenierie pour les Marques. With their strong brand resources and integration ability, rich experience in international operations, our outlets will have the following characteristics:

      ·A large number of international brands, among them the international top brands account for 30% -40%;

      ·Very competitive prices: sell as low as 70 to 50 per cent off the price tags;

      ·Adequate supply, 50% of goods are imported directly from abroad, some products are specially made for outlets;

      ·Comfortable shopping environment for consumers to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience;

      ·Professional outlet teams are composed of joint teams both international and domestic. International: British Freeport Retail Limited and Societe de Cooperation Commerciale et d'Ingenierie pour les Marques,Domestic: it is composed of business elites team led by the Chinese outlets founder Ms. Wan Wenying, with rich experience of international and domestic outlets operation.