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      Outlets Ballettown Brand Idea

      Brand Idea

      Outlet (China) Limited formed a strategic alliance with two largest outlet management and investment operators in Europe: British Freeport Retail Limited and Societe de Cooperation Commerciale et d'Ingenierie pour les Marques. With their strong brand resources, integration ability and rich experience in international operations, Outlet (China) is going to make pure outlets——"BalletTown".
      Pure Outlets

      Combined with China's national conditions,Outlet (China) Limited innovated a upgrade model of " 3+X " complex function-----"BalletTown", to create new city center with complex functions such as shopping, leisure, entertainment, dining, living, traveling, vacation and so on.
      "3 + x" complex function pattern

      Brand Idea: triple values
      Making the first brand of commercial compound real estate top brand in China

      To the public consumer (business)
      Bring the world's top fashion into China
      For residents - to enjoy living in our international community
      To the city - inject fresh wealth power

        BalletTown, with strong industry and commercial clustering effect, BalletTown brings a strong and lasting impetus in promoting urban development, industrial upgrading, promoting employment, increase tax revenue and so on, and becomes a accelerator for promoting regional rapid economic development and GDP growth, and thus to promote the process of internationalization in the whole city and the region.
      Social contributions from BalletTown