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            International Team

            • Zhendao Lin
            • Vice President, Outlet (China) Limited
            •   As an international investment and financing expert, Mr. Lin has successively held senior management posts in several large investment development enterprises. He has accumulated rich experience in capital operation, market development, and market operation by cooperated closely with European and American governments, financial institutions and investment institutions. He has great achievements in realizing the localization of enterprise brand operation.
            • Hongli Wang
            • Vice President and Marketing Planning Director, Outlet (China) Limited
            •   As a senior expert in business management and marketing, Ms. Wang has successively held marketing management posts in large real estate enterprises and accumulated rich experience in marketing, market development and market operation. She has hosted the marketing of several large scale urban complex and mansion projects and achieved outstanding performance in the industry.
            • Xian Zeng
            • HR and Administration Director,
              outlet (china) Limited
            •   A senior HR expert with years' of experience in human resource and administration. Ms. Zeng has successively served several famous public-listed companies and large real estate enterprises as a member of senior management. She is talented at human resource management in real estate industry. She is also serving School of Business in Sun Yat-sen University as a career mentor.
            • Aimin Wang
            • Operation Director, Outlet (China) Limited
            •   A famous real estate expert successively served Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Grand Enterprises and Beijing Capital Land Limited as a member of senior management. Mr. Wang has been engaged in the operation management and cost control management of real estate projects. He has comprensive experience in the management of real estate business process.
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