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            International Team

            • Huailiang Wu
            • Executive Vice President,
              Outlet (China) Limited
              Vice President, Beijing Capital Land Limited
            •   A Chinese senior real estate expert who has been engaged in real estate industry for nearly twenty years. He has rich experience in real estate development and management by hosting the development, operations management, and sales of many large urban complex and mansion projects in the past. He is well known in the industry for his successful stories in land development, planning and design, and team management.
            • Michael Jiang
            • Senior Vice President, Outlet (China) Limited
              Vice Chairman of Outlet Branch, China General Chamber of Commerce
              Expert Commissioner, China Commercial Real Estate Association
            •   Mr. Jiang is a senior business management expert who has been engaged in relevant works in America, Hong Kong, Macao, and Chinese Mainland for over twenty years. Richly experienced in the operation and management of large engineering projects and the development of real estate projects in China and overseas, Mr. Jiang enjoys outstanding achievements in land acquisition, planning and design, construction management, marketing design, and property management in real estate field.
            • Wenying Wan
            • Chairman of the Board of Directors,
              Outlet Operation Inc.
              Vice Chairman,
              China General Chamber of Commerce
              Senior Economist and Business Expert
            •   Honored as "the originator of China's Outlet", Ms. Wan has accumulated rich experience in business management through her 30 years' business operation and management. As the first person in introducing outlet into China, she has worked as the planner and General Manager of the first Sino-foreign joint venture shopping mall in China, the Vice Chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Wan has been committed to research and development in Chinese commercial field and enjoys high reputation in retail sector.
            • Beichen Zhong
            • Vice President of Outlet (China) Limited
            •   A senior real estate expert with years of relevant experience in real estate development, planning and design and team management. Mr. Zhong has been engaged in the development, operation, management, and large scale urban complex and mansion projects. He enjoys high reputation in real estate field.
            • Yiliang Jia
            • Vice President and Chief Finance Officer, Outlet (China) Limited
              Senior Accountant
            •   A senior real estate management expert with twenty years of experience in financial management, capital operation, asset restructuring, corporate risk control, operation management, real estate development, planning and design, construction management, marketing planning, and property management. Mr. Jia is familiar with financial management system and legal system. He has served as executive manager in public listed companies or large real estate enterprises.
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