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            Shareholders and Operators

              The shareholders of Outlet (China) Limited include China Infrastructure Group Limited, known for its rich experience in real estate development and operation, and Beijing Capital Land whose shareholders include Beijing Capital Group Ltd., a large scale state-owned enterprise of Beijing SASAC, mainly engaged in urban infrastructure investment and operations, real estate development and financial services, and Government of Singapore Investment Corp.(GIC) which is one of the largest investment management organizations in the world, with over 1000 people, investing well over US$100 billion in multiple asset classes in more than 40 countries. Our operater is OOM (Outlet Operstion Management Co., Ltd), a joint venture between Freeport Retail Ltd, Societe de Cooperation Commerciale et d'Ingenierie pour les Marques(SCCIM)and Outlet (China) Limited, outstood by its expertise in outlet operations. With strong shareholders from a wide range of operations, the company is in line with requirements of modern enterprise system and has well-developed strategic investment concept. The appropriate share structure, standard procedure, plus our complete European and American management concepts for outlet produce a perfect combination of investment and operation for Outlet (China) Limited.

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