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            Corporate Culture

            United, creative, pragmatic and efficient, active and initiative.

            Accumulate wealth for society, provide customers with quality, increase profits for shareholders and build platform for staff career development.

            The leader of the outlet industry in China, the definition describer of happy city, creator of romantic capital and fashion elements.

              Throughout Chinese and world history, we can not find better examples that mobilize all active forces toward one goal except the mighty words of " Unity Is Power".
              Chairman Mao had made many popular remarks in his life, which played decisive roles in different historical periods in China. Of all these remarks, " Unity Is Power" is the only one that is everlasting and applicable to all areas.

              Human, individual or collective, strives for existence and development in the process of adapting to, challenging, changing and returning to nature. The most precious elements are human wisdom and capacity. That is to say the cornerstone of the embodiment of human value is strength.
              As such, how could human strength be released to the utmost? When and how can one gain the maximum of strength? I believe it is gained when unity is achieved, as Chairman Mao indicated.
              To better understand " Unity Is Power", we need to recall the game of tug-of-war. One cannot pull a bull alone however strong he is. But when a group of people exert themselves pulling a rope together, an elephant tied to the rope will be moved, not to mention a bull.
              The victory of China's Resistance War against Japan proved the insufferably arrogant Japanese militarism was finally defeat by the 400 million Chinese.
              Ants, the weakest creature in the world, would destroy the Great Wall if they get together.
              So why would we stress unity if it is so effective? Because man is selfish. Under normal circumstance, man exists as individual. Unity is a feat whose realization requires every one to discard his own condition; it is a great practice under extraordinary conditions.
              The reason we recall the words of Chairman Mao today is, we are going to initiate a great cause. As a great cause that has never been approached and will never be approached again, initiating outlets will revitalize China's modern business and business property. Our cause demands a united team. Every member in the team ought to wholeheartedly devote to the cause and contribute all his wisdom and talents to the goal.

            Zhuoyan Lin
            Chairman of Board of Directors
            March 28, 2010

            Foshan, Huzhou, Beijing
            Our footprints are on the land of outlet new cities;
            Our prudent eyesights are focusing on
            Xi'an, Wanning, Tai'an, Zhengzhou
            Outlets are taking roots, sprouting, and blooming
            I, as every member of Outlet(China),
            Am filled with expectations,
            As well as excitement,
            Outlet cities all over the nation,
            Ballet Town in every corner of the country.
            For a great undertaking,
            We come together!
              Enterprise's success depends on its core competitiveness, which is mainly reflected in business model and enterprise culture. The cooperation between outlet (china) Limited and Beijing Capital Group Ltd has contributed advantages in our business model. Nurturing of corporate culture is the "fundamental factor' for enterprise's development, which is critical for the future of the enterprise. Based on this idea, we set up "Outlet Culture Group" that consists of Chairman Zhuoyan Lin, and I as well as other leasers of project companies. The fruit of our group – "Outlet Culture" is published today.
              Corporate culture needs to be nurtured and it takes a long time. Maybe it is still too early to define a complete culture for us. But I have long believed in the process of developing. "Idea, passion, innovation and responsibility" are the basic qualities we should have. Without idea, we will have neither direction, passion nor motivation. Without innovation, we will have no development; without responsiblility, we will have no soul. As an international project that lays out across China, and a project shouldering the task to lead the industry upgrade for a region, open thoughts and inclusive attitude are extremely important, This will determine the quality and speed of development of our company and its culture.
              I like the name "Outlet Culture". She shortens the distance between us and the soon-coming outlets and enable us understand each other. I sincerely hope every one take care of it and contribute to our common cultural cradle. Wish it a great success!

            Xiaoguang Liu
            Director, Board of Directors
            March 31, 2010

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