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            Members of the Board of Directors

            • Zhuoyan Lin
            • Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
              Chairman of Outlet Association of China General Chamber of Commerce
            •   Master in International Finance. With over 20 years' experiences in enterprise operation and management as well as in investment and operation of large-scale projects, Mr. Lin has successfully founded and operated nearly a hundred enterprises and achieved great attainments in corporate IPO, restructuring, merger and acquisition. He has won several prizes like "Figures in Brand Innovation in China", "Business Leaders in China" and "Award for Contribution to Promoting Industrial Development in China".
            • Xiaoguang Liu
            • Director
              General Manager of Beijing Capital Group
              Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Capital Land Limited
            •   Former Deputy Director in Beijing Development Planning Commission and Deputy Secretary-General in Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning. He has achieved great attainments in studying finance, investment, real estate, economic theory and polices. He has won several prizes like "Figures in China's Economy and Enterprise Management", "Top Ten Figures in China's Real Estate Industry" and "Leaders in China's Commercial Real Estate Industry".
            • Ivano Poma
            • Director
              Vice Chairman of the Outlet China Association
              CEO of Outlet Global Management
            •   Management career qualified by over 25 years of experience in the Fashion Industry.Supply Chain Management / Brand building expertise acquired during 12 years with Li & Fung in Taiwan and Hong Kong, with responsibilities in Europe, China, Turkey and India as Senior Vice President, Board Member of various Group’s subsidiaries and Permanent Member of the Group Policy Committee.Commercial Real Estate development career shift in 2008, playing the key local role in Asia to establish a new Group of Companies to develop and manage Luxury Outlet malls in China.
            • Mr.
            • Mr.Richard.Vinconneau
            • Director
              Executive Director of Societe de Cooperation Commerciale et d'Ingenierie pour les Marques
              A judge of France Trade Tribunal
            •   An expert in commercial operation and industrial organization with over 30 years' experiences. Mr. Vinconneau has been engaged in commercial operation, management and industrial organization in Europe, North America and Asia. He has achieved great attainments in building an outlet model with the European characteristics and been dedicated to promoting industrial upgrading of outlet and its globalization.
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