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              Outlet (China) Limited, set to be an operator in new modern service industry investment, specializes in research, investment, development and operation management of outlets in the Greater China region. With outlet discount shop as primary business, it created a new type of modern industry model featuring the coexistence of a variety of businesses, and is dedicated to the investment, development and operation management of the new modern industry model.

              Equipped with its high capability and leading experience in development and operation, Outlet (China) Limited created an integrated new city center - BalletTown, with world brands' outlets as a core, supplemented by office buildings, outlets business group, resort and high-quality residence. It finalized the strategic layout in the Greater China Region by setting up outlets modern service industry zones, which will position the company a pioneer of the outlet industry in China, and ultimately a world-class business flagship.

              After five years' research and study on the Greater China market, Outlet (China) Limited desides to promote its BalletTown product line in four stages on the basis of local economic conditions: from the core cities of China's five key economic circles to provincial capitals, from key cities at prefecture level to scenic zones, from large-scale modern service industry zones, industry parks to medium-sized outlets towns and outlets resorts. With the eventual realization of these strategic goals, Outlet (China) Limited is bound to be the leader of the outlets industry in China and even the word.

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